In this post, I want to give you a little behind the scenes look at how I visualize content and turn it into a beautifully designed slide! Below are four examples that match up with the image above.

  1. Traditional Lighting Problems: In this first slide example my client provided me with a simple bullet point list of problems pertaining to this particular industry. The list is short, there is not much text and there were no visuals provided. Instead of just listing the problems out, I decided to display them in a more appealing visual. The simple hexagon shapes fill up the space in a balanced way and break out the problems with an icon added to each. I love using icons in slides to help the viewer remember the important points and to break up the text.
  2. The Customer Journey: For this second slide example my client wanted to showcase the customer journey when using their product step by step. Of course we could just list the steps in order, but a fun graphic to illustrate the journey is always better! This graphic takes the viewer through each step as if you are following a curving road – or a journey! I used icons to enhance each step and give the audience something to remember while on the product journey.
  3. Service Lines: This third slide is one of my favorites! My client provided this content in paragraph form and each of the services were listed with a comma in between. To spice up the content, I chose to turn this into an intriguing visual graphic with icons to match each service. I placed their logo in the center of the circle to show that these services are what make up this brand.
  4. Competition: Lastly, we have the fourth slide example for Scener. This content was provided to me in a standard PPT chart format. Standard looking charts can look outdated or simply boring. There are many ways to make a chart design look more exciting and on brand. I think this slide is a great example of that with the colors, icons, modern lines and vertical text. The chart is easy and fun to look at!