1. Photos: Use photos whenever possible to liven up a slide and bring the main point home. People enjoy seeing images throughout presentations and it will help them remember your main points. Make sure your imagery aligns well with the content in the slide.
  2. Icons: My personal favorite! I love using icons whenever possible to highlight the main points in a slide. Instead of bullet points, try using a simple icon to pair with your text.
  3. Donut Charts: Pie charts are out and donut charts are in! Donut charts will give your presentation a fresh, modern look. They will also help free up some space because you can add a headline or keyword in the middle of the donut.
  4. Bold or Color Keywords: This is a super simple way to help call attention to key points on the slide. You can bold a specific word or even make it a different color so the audience sees this point first. Don’t over do it! Call out one or two words/sentences per slide to keep them important.
  5. Light & Dark Backgrounds: Play around with the background color of your slides. This will switch things up slide to slide and give the viewer something different to look at. For most clients, I will be sure to include a set of light colored slides (white, light grey, a subtle gradient etc.) and then break these up with a solid color slide in between that flows well with their brand color palette. Of course the text will need to change color accordingly, but this will give your presentation a unique and cohesive feel when scrolling slide to slide.